MetaPop Is Paving The Future For Monetizing Remixes


Matthew Adell’s MetaPop is about to change the world of remixing for the better, and label heads around the world are kicking themselves for not thinking of this sooner.

Adell was CEO of Beatport for five years before SFX bought the company and sucked the life out of it. During his time at the helm, he learned a thing or two about the music industry, and he’s looking to change the way labels do business.

Cue MetaPop, Adell’s joint venture with Boomrat’s CTO Michael Mukhin, and a proverbial goldmine of untapped opportunity. What MetaPop does is sign labels and remixing artists, allowing producers to access a catalogue of all the imprints signed with them. By publishing through MetaPop, the artists can collect ad revenue, which is then split between MetaPop, the rights-holders, and artists.

After 18 months of research, Adell and his team discovered that there are over eight million unofficial remixes on YouTube alone, and Beatport itself is home to 100,000. Their findings add up to these unofficial remixes getting over one billion plays each month, and that labels have been missing out on some serious cash (more than $1 billion) over the last ten years.

MetaPop’s goal is to have over one million cleared tracks by fall. Ambitious, but oh-so forward thinking. Learn more here.