Michael Calfan And Raphaella Pair Up On “Thorns”


French producer Michael Calfan has returned with a new song, teaming up with vocalist Raphaella to deliver a moody single on “Thorns.” The new track is the latest example of Calfan’s signature soul house sound, and Raphaella’s vocals bring a human touch to the danceable rhythms that run throughout the song.

“Thorns” kicks off with a somber piano motif and light, shuffling percussion that set a dark backdrop for Raphaella’s affected vocals. The drops pick up the energy, as a rubbery deep house bassline creates an irresistible groove, while pitched down vocal samples repeat alongside a driving club beat. The mix of energetic dance elements and emotive melodies creates for an interesting contrast on “Thorns,” making for a memorable release.

All in all, Michael Calfan‘s latest is a strong single for the producer, brought to new heights by Rapaella’s soulful vocals. “Thorns” is now available via Spinnin’ Records and can be purchased here.