“Nobody Does It Better” Than Michael Calfan In His New Track


We would venture to say that lively is a good look for Michael Calfan. The French DJ/producer’s brand of what he calls “soul house” or “melodic” house was proving somewhat drowsy earlier in the year, but he raised the energy considerably for “Nobody Does It Better.”

A four-four track driven primarily by pitch-shifted vocals on the top line, “Nobody Does It Better” also features a disco-reminiscent string section in addition to a rave piano melody. What Calfan put together for this track doesn’t betray his signature sound, but it also doesn’t sound quite as dreary as what we like to call “department store house.”

Michael Calfan‘s “Nobody Does It Better” will come out through Spinnin’ Records on February 1st (which seems like a bit of a ways out). Listen to a preview of the track above and let us know whether or not you like it by commenting below.