Missy Elliott And Katy Perry Take Us Back To Last Friday Night

While Missy Elliott may be hard at work on her much-anticipated album Block Party, she took some time to hop on Katy Perry‘s latest hit, Last Friday Night (TGIF).

The legendary female rapper drops a couple bars for the first verse and then leaves Perry to do her thing for the rest of the song. The chart topping hit is Katy Perry‘s fifth single from Teenage Dream and is currently making quite a splash on airwaves across the country.

Missy Elliott only appears for roughly thirty seconds but it’s always nice to hear the legendary artist. We haven’t had an album from her since 2005’s The Cookbook and Block Party has been a long time coming.

“This album is probably more musical and melodic than my previous ones. A lot of my albums are really hip-hop-driven, with tinges of other music genres. But this album is hip-hop, with a sort of U.K. hip-hop sound to it,” said Missy Elliott.

The Last Fridy Night (TGIF) remix is set to hit the radio and iTunes on Monday, August 8th. If you can’t wait until then, check it out below.