Mr. Belt & Wezol Team Up With Shermanology On “Hide & Seek”


There’s a small handful of producers that are still pushing the boundaries of the future house genre, and Mr. Belt & Wezol stand among the names on the ever-shrinking list. For their most recent track, they’ve teamed up with Shermanology to deliver an experimental cut titled “Hide & Seek.”

Leading with an orchestral groove that contrasts significantly with the wonky bass line that follows, “Hide & Seek” challenges the future house status quo with a melody that tests the limits of traditional harmonies. The notes aren’t quite so dissonant that they clash outright, but they succeed in riding the limits of what the synths ought to be used for.

“Hide & Seek” by Mr. Belt & Wezol and Shermanology will come out through Heldeep Records on April 25th. In the meantime, listen to the preview of the track by clicking on the SoundCloud player above and look out for more from these unconventional producers as festival season approaches.