Music fans take to Twitter to roast and celebrate new Kid Rock song

Public domain image of Kid Rock in concert in 2006 by PeterPan23

Following the release of Kid Rock’s new single, “Don’t Tell Me How To Live,” music fans on the internet are buzzing about the track⏤some to roast it and others to praise it.

The artist’s mix of rock and rap is certainly not for everyone, but the political undertones in the song and its broad complaints about “snowflakes” are causing some on the internet to cringe⏤and others to rally behind the anthem.

Take a listen of the song for yourself, which also features an artist known as Monster Truck, right here.

Some of the more intense lyrics take aim at the younger generation in a vague sentiment that asserts they are overly offended at everything. As to what “millennial” problems in particular Kid Rock takes issue with is unclear, however.

“A nation of pussies is our next generation / And these minions and their agendas / Every opinion has a millennial offended,” Rock says in the song.

He goes on to complain further, but again not in any specific way: “Get a clue or prove your fake news and views.”

What did seem clear to some, however, was that the artist was somehow espousing conservative views.

Political lines in the sand aside, some simply just enjoyed how ridiculous the music video was.

The song reminded some of the singer’s decidedly unsavory past hot takes on Twitter and elsewhere.

Rock does mention “backlash” in the song, which is likely referring to the real-life backlash he received back in 2019 after a video of him making comments about Oprah Winfrey while intoxicated at his Nashville restaurant circulated widely online, The Detroit News reported. Later on, the artist decided not to renew his licensing agreement for his Kid Rock’s Made in Detroit restaurant at Little Ceasars Arena.

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