The Music Video For Avicii’s “Broken Arrows” Honors An Olympic Legend


Whether or not you were a fan of Avicii‘s “Broken Arrows” – or the album that it appeared on, Stories – it’s hard not to appreciate the official music video that his camp has released for it. The subject of the video is Dick Fosbury, a 1968 Olympic medalist who left an undeniable legacy while competing in the high jump the same year.

Fosbury famously pioneered a backwards jumping technique which would come to be known as the “Fosbury flop” among high jump athletes in the years to follow. Without audible dialogue, the actors in the music video depict his personal hardships leading up to his 1968 victory, and a keen sense of cinematography exhibited by the directors and editors makes the video a delight for the senses.

Even though Avicii‘s Stories has already been out for two months, perhaps the music video release for “Broken Arrows” indicates that fans can expect more of the same for other songs from the album in coming months.