Could This Mysterious ID Be The Next ZHU Single?


Slow reveals are all the rage with EDM artists nowadays, and the aptly titled “Slowly” appears to be an example of exactly that.

It’s been barely a year since L.A.-based producer ZHU captured the industry’s attention by strategically non-marketing his hit single, “Faded,” and a new track submitted anonymously to Proximity bears many of the young artist’s studio hallmarks.

“Got this track as a demo submission…and I was pleasantly surprised,” reads a description accompanying the video on Proximity’s YouTube channel. “All it had was the link to the SoundCloud, with the track saying ‘Slowly’. I really loved it so I decided to upload it.”

Between the pitch-shifted vocals and rippling bass line, it’s no stretch to assert that the “Moves Like Ms. Jackson” producer is the man behind the mysterious new track – and the delivery matched his modus operandi as well. Krewella manager Jake Udell has largely been credited with drumming up buzz around ZHU by conservatively revealing bits and pieces of his identity over the months, and submitting an unidentified ID to Proximity matches the approach to a T.

That being said, no matter who produced it, “Slowly” has a unique sound and will likely receive its fair share of play over the months to follow.

Tell us, do you think ZHU is responsible for this new track? Let us know in the comments section below.