Mysteryland 2015 Aftermovie Brings Us Back To Bethel Woods


This past Memorial Day Weekend, Mysteryland USA returned to Bethel Woods for another very successful outing, full of an incredible and eclectic mix of music, high-spirited atmosphere and tons to do and see. It was a great festival, one which we enjoyed very much, and now, we have the official aftermovie to help relive the memories.

As is often the case with these videos, we get a nice overview of the entire event, with numerous artists all making appearances throughout. It captures the spirit and energy of Mysteryland quite appropriately and serves as the perfect companion to what was no doubt a very memorable weekend for many people.

Take a look at the official aftermovie above and then head on down to the comments section to let us know what you thought of this year’s edition of Mysteryland USA.

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