Mysteryland Now Features Virtual Reality


Mysteryland has broken new ground over the weekend after unveiling some new virtual reality features in the Netherlands. The innovative incorporation of virtual reality technology into their live streaming efforts is a trailblazing move for the major festival that gives fans at home the opportunity to experience the event in an all new way.

On Saturday and Sunday, viewers were able to experience the festivities with an added dimension when they tuned in to the live stream on YouTube using virtual reality headgear or Google Cardboard. Mysteryland took it one step further by offering 360 degree support to the live stream for viewers who don’t own VR gear.

In addition to adding the virtual reality component to the live stream for fans from afar, the event organizers also introduced a viewing room to the Mysteryland pyramid dubbed The Living Room: A Virtual Reality Experience, where festival goers could take a break from the heat and still enjoy their favorite music.

It’s not the first time virtual reality has been brought up in the dance music community; deadmau5 had teased the possibility of introducing VR elements into his live show in a quote earlier in the year. That being said, Mysteryland earns some major props for ushering EDM into the world of virtual reality, signalling that we’re experiencing an awesome time for live music.

Source: Your EDM