Mysteryland USA Drops A Mind Blowing Aftermovie For 2016


Mysteryland USA has dropped the official aftermovie for their 2016 event today, offering up a mind blowing recap video that will transport you back to the festival grounds in Bethel, New York. This year’s event was a landmark outing for the festival brand, featuring enticing performers like Skrillex, ODESZA, Bassnectar, The Chainmokers and more, and the new video is the perfect way to sum up the excitement.

Over the span of four minutes, the new aftermovie details all the most memorable moments of Mysterland’s 2016 run. Throughout the video, we’re treated to some sweeping shots of the iconic festival grounds (which were originally home to Woodstock), before the pace picks up with some captivating concert footage. A number of notable DJs appear as well, while plenty of attention is paid to the eclectic cast that comprised the festival’s audience.

With some top notch cinematography and the already epic subject matter, Mysteryland’s new aftermovie is a suitable memento for the festival and will have you looking forward to next year’s edition.

A limited run of pre-sale tickets for Mysteryland USA 2017 have gone live to coincide with the recap video, and you can head here to purchase passes for next year’s event.