Mysteryland USA’s 2016 Trailer Is A Blast From The Past


Mysteryland USA is the stateside version of what’s known to be the longest-running electronic music festival in the world, but now its organizers are looking to capitalize on the nostalgia of a much more iconic event as well. After releasing the full lineup by day last month, they’ve uploaded a 2016 trailer to the Mysteryland YouTube channel that highlights the massive’s ties to the Woodstock Music & Art Fair of 1969.

The trailer portrays a stereotypically subversive youth of the era visiting a record store, where he stumbles upon an album whose cover is a prophetic advertisement for Mysteryland USA. Upon listening to the record, he sees visions of the future that bear a striking resemblance to the promotional videos for festivals of our time – in this case, set to “Good Times Roll” by Colorado bass artists GRiZ and Big Gigantic.

Tenuous as it may be, Mysteryland USA does indeed boast a connection to Woodstock. Bethel Woods, New York has played host to both events – although nobody in their right mind would compare the historical significance of one to the other.

Mysteryland USA will take place from June 10th-12th in Bethel Woods, New York. Tell us, will you be attending the fest this year? Sound off below and let us know!