Nathan Sykes Premieres Music Video For “Famous”


Maybe Nathan Sykes isn’t as “famous” as he was a few years back when he was running the world with The Wanted, but that doesn’t prevent his solo career from being even better than his past endeavor was. The English singer and songwriter is gearing up to release his first solo album, Unfinished Business, and just dropped the music video for his latest single, “Famous.”

The first thing that’s evident from new Sykes music is that it’s nothing like what he created with The Wanted. While his pop centric boy band tried to emulate the Backstreet Boys, Sykes is doing something new entirely with “Famous,” a mid-tempo track with a slight retro/doo-wop feel to it.

The video, directed by Ivanna Smyrnova, depicts Sykes in a love triangle between his co-star and director of the movie he’s acting in. The clip is actually kind of heartbreaking, but the feel-good song will keep your spirits from heading south.

Something else admirable about “Famous” and the additional Unfinished Business tracks heard thus far is that none of them really have a superstar writing/production team behind the scenes. While The Wanted enlisted the likes of Dr. Luke and The Messengers, Sykes keeps it low key and even manages to write all of the songs himself, too. As a result, cuts like the G-Eazy-assisted “Give It Up” and the emotive ballad “Over And Over Again” helps make Nathan Sykes one of the most promising up and comers in pop this year.