Nero Blots Out The Sun With Dark Skies


It looks like we’ve got more new Nero on our hands!

The UK trio has released “Dark Skies,” another track from their upcoming album Between II Worlds. Due out August 28th, the album will be their first full-length effort in roughly four years and they’ve already been letting tracks from it trickle out.

“Dark Skies” deviates slightly from what we’ve already heard from the group. The powerful, trance-y synths similar to other Between II Worlds tracks have remained, but a short vocal sample contributed by Alana Watson replaces the longer verses in the others. A brief, melodic breakdown with samples of police sirens breaks up the somewhat repetitive flow of the rest of the track before a final buildup takes the listener home.

The song definitely matches the sound of the other tracks we’ve heard from Between II Worlds so far, but what’s come before has been stronger. Not that Dark Skies is bad by any means, but it just feels a little more like album filler than their other recent releases.

Give the track a listen below and tell us how you think it measures up alongside Nero‘s other releases?