Nero Releases Anime Inspired Video For “Into The Night”


Nero dropped a stellar animated video this week to accompany their single “Into The Night,” which off their sophomore album Between II Worlds, released earlier this year.

Drawing on the album’s dystopian science fiction themes, the new video takes influence from the classic anime Akira, featuring images of futuristic cities, cyberpunk characters and brightly colored neon visuals. The band themselves make an appearance as well, as their animated doppelgangers bang out the tune in a club sequence.

The video for “Into The Night” was directed by Nero’s own Dan Stephens in conjunction with Markus Lundqvist, while Red Knuckles provides the distinctive animation. Due to the song’s uncharacteristic upbeat funk-house laden nature coupled with the anime styled visual accompaniment, the video is likely to draw some comparisons to Daft Punk’s classic animation for “One More Time.”

Speaking about the creative direction behind their new music video for “Into The Night”, Nero stated:

It’s been a dream of ours to commission an animated video for one of our singles. We’re very proud of this one.

Check it out above and let us know what you think.