NERVO’s “People Grinnin'” Gets A House Rework From Eric Morillo


Australian sister group NERVO received an epic remix this week of their recent single “People Grinnin’,” courtesy of house sensation Eric Morillo. Morillo delivers a sprawling club rework of the track, stretching the tune out into a seven and a half minute long dance floor heater.

While NERVO’s original version featured some organic production points like bluesy vocals and upbeat guitar licks, Morillo’s remix is more strictly an electro workout. With its elongated time frame, the new flip has room to slowly work in additional elements and drawn out build ups with satisfying drops. The vocal hooks from the original are still present but are largely relegated to the background to make room for the persistent thumping kicks and electrifying synth work.

Eric Morillo manages to deliver a sturdy remix of NERVO’s memorable single, taking the song in a more dance friendly direction and injecting a new identity into the song without losing its charm.