New Album From The White Panada, Available As A Free Download

The White Panda’s new album Rematch was released last week and is being offered as a free download on their website. These guys are one of, if not the best mashup duo out there. Their debut album, Versus was very well received and really got their name out there. Now their sophomore album Rematch is out and I think it’s even better than Versus.

Featuring 47 mashups made into 14 tracks and almost an hour of music, you can’t really go wrong with this album. There really isn’t a bad song on the album, all the songs are great. Add in the fact that it’s free and it makes this a must download. Highlights include “I Wish I Broke Your Heart”, “The Independent Touch” and “Juicy O’Riley”.

Here’s a sample song:

[audio:|titles=10 I Wish I Broke Your Heart]

You can find the full album to listen to or download on the official site here.