New Bruno Mars Single “24K Magic” Out Friday


It’s all happening in the world of Bruno Mars. After rumors ran rampant that the “Uptown Funk” mastermind was going to be dropping new music fairly soon, a couple things were finally confirmed today: Bruno Mars is indeed done with a new album, and his new single will be coming out this Friday.

Bruno took to Twitter to express the exciting album completion news via a tweet sent out in all caps. In the wee hours of the morning, you have to wonder if he just got done laying down the final vocal track and how much caffeine he may have been hyped up on.

A short time later, a press release was made to announce the upcoming single titled “24K Magic,” where the “K” stands for “karat,” not “thousand.” Does this mean that the new song is pop gold? Besides the title, the cover art for the single was revealed, depicting a cool-as-ice Bruno decked out in a leather jacket and some gold chains.

No word yet on whether the album will be coming soon, too, but the first song in over four years being released should hold fans over until one inevitably is announced. The album was originally scheduled to come out this past March, but his father says it had to be pushed back due to Super Bowl performance obligations. Over the last couple of months, various people in the know have come out of the woodwork to discuss new Bruno Mars music, including Skrillex, his engineer Charles Moniz, and his bassist, Jamareo Artis. They all had good things to say, but in just a couple of days, we’ll get to see if they were right.