New Childish Gambino Album Listed For A December Release


Does Childish Gambino have a new album on deck? If he does, it seems as though online retailers have helped spill the beans on it. Outlets including Amazon, FYE, and even music info site All Music have all contributed to revealing its existence – a record titled, Awaken, My Love, is expected to arrive on December 2nd.

New music from Childish Gambino isn’t necessarily a surprise – mastermind behind the act, Donald Glover, has been pretty open about the fact that he was making another album. Recently, he premiered a new song on his television show, Atlanta, hyped up the project on Jimmy Fallon, and even held a three-day event where he played the new album live.

The record, which was initially dubbed as Pharos, found Childish Gambino taking a more soul/R&B route to the songs as opposed to his signature rap. Even though the Pharos event took place back in September, there was no real information on when it’d arrive in stores or to digital outlets. Now with the news of Awaken, My Love, we’re left wondering whether this is Pharos under a new name or perhaps an entirely different project altogether – but it’ll be less than a month until we finally get to see for ourselves.