New Bob Dylan Artshow And 47 Unreleased Demos To Debut

Courtesy of Google Images

Bob Dylan, the writer. Bob Dylan, the singer. Bob Dylan, the artist.

On October 19th, Bob Dylan will release The Original Mono Recordings, which will consist of forty-seven previously unreleased demos.

But Robert Zimmerman (Dylan’s real name) is up to so much more than that.

All Dylan art images courtesy of Rolling Stone magazine

Dylan has been a painter since the 1960s as well, and his new paintings will be on display at Denmark’s Statens Museum for Kunst on September 4th through January 30th.

Dylan’s collection, which is called “Brazil Series,” was created exclusively for the museum. “It’s an honor to be asked and a thrilling challenge,” Dylan said in a statement, according to Yahoo.

The museum exhibit will feature 40 acrylic paintings and eight drawings.

Dylan has also recently displayed his “Drawn Blank Series” in Germany in 2007 and in Britain in 2008.

Including studio, live and compilation albums, Bob Dylan has released a stunning sixty-one albums as well as books and starring roles in films. He constantly tours all over the world. And who knows what he does in his spare time.

He is truly an artist.