New Kanye West Song Featuring John Legend

If you saw Kanye’s new film, Runaway, you should be familiar with this track. It was featured shortly in the film. The track is called Play The Game and features John Legend. This isn’t the full version, just the clip from the film. It’s just over a minute long but I definitely like what I hear.

It’s a slower track, from what we have heard so far, but it’s pretty good. There is a John Legend/Kanye West song on the upcoming album but it has a different title, so whether this is the same song or not I don’t know. I’ve read on a couple blogs that this is the same song and considering it was in Kanye’s film, which used music from his upcoming album, I’m going to assume it’s the same track. Either way check it out and give it a listen.

[audio:|titles=Play The Game (ft. John Legend)]