New Michael Jackson Album Coming In November

According to Rolling Stone, there will be a brand new Michael Jackson album coming this November and it will feature ten unreleased songs. Apparently Jackson left behind a number of hard drives filled with songs that are completed but were never released. Ne-Yo, and Akon are just a couple of artists who worked with Jackson on some of these unreleased songs.

Sources close to Jackson say that the singer would always over record for an album so they would always be left with a number of songs that couldn’t make it on. This album coming in November is the first part of a massive deal that the Jackson estate signed with Sony Music in March 2010. The $250 million project will include the reissuing of all Jackson’s classic albums, a DVD collection of Jackson’s music videos, a new greatest hits set and the possibility of a Cirque du Soleil show.

Jackson fans should be happy about this. Although the man is gone his legend will continue to live on. Being the extremely talented individual that he was, I’m sure this new CD in November will turn out great and I look forward to hearing it.