New Songs For The Weekend

It has been a while since we posted any new tracks so I figured I’d throw some up. Here are four awesome tracks to get you through the weekend. Three remixes and one original track from Wiz Khalifa. Check them out below.

#1) Know Your Name – Wiz Khalifa

[audio:|titles=Know Your Name]

A new track from Wiz. No one’s really sure where it came from. Could it be from an upcoming album? Who knows? It’s a great track though.

#2) Imagine A G6 (Glee + Beatles +David Guetta + Far East Movement + The Cataracs) – Mochi Beats

[audio:|titles=Imagine A G6]

Pretty big mashup here but it works fairly well. It’s the first leak off of Mochi Beats’ upcoming “Goodnight EP. If you haven’t heard of Mochi Beats before, be sure to check out his site. He’s very talented and he has a lot of good tracks on his homepage.

#3) We Beamin’ Remix (ft. Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, Cool Kids, Blu, Diggy Simmons, Dosage, B.O.B) – Lupe Fiasco

[audio:’m%20Beaming%20[Remix.mp3|titles=We Beamin’ Remix]

You can’t really ever go wrong with Lupe. Throw in people like Asher and B.O.B. and you have a pretty solid track. It’s pretty long but all the verses are good and it’s a pretty nice debut from the boys who call themselves the All City Chess Club.

#4) Ghosts On A G6 (Deadmau5 vs. Far East Movement) – Basic Physics Mashup

[audio:|titles=Ghosts On A G6]

Deadmau5. Far East Movement. Both of them together in one song. How could you not listen? These are two of the hottest songs and they sound incredible together. This is a great song for parties and it’s one of the best remixes I’ve heard in a while.