Trailer For Kanye West’s Movie, Runaway.

Kanye West has been very busy lately. His Twitter account is updated very frequently, he’s releasing new songs every Friday, he has been working hard to put the finishing touches on his new album, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ (coming out November 22nd), he made an appearance on SNL and he has also been working on a movie.

The film, titled Runaway, is a short 40 minute film that isn’t too heavy on plot as it leans more on the symbolic side. Kanye directed the film and ran the show during the four day shoot in Prague. Recently, he has been showing off the film in various parts of the world but it hasn’t gone public yet. While there’s no official release date or news as to when we can expect to see it, there is a trailer out for it. It’s pretty short but it gives you an idea of what to expect. Check it out below.