Nicki Minaj fans celebrate her birthday with their best Barbie Screams

Nicki Minaj has found herself trending on Twitter for numerous reasons on Dec.8. 

The first couple of reasons are that today marks Minaj’s 39th birthday, and fans are sharing their utmost appreciation for the rapper. The last reason stems from how some of Minaj’s fan base, known as Barbz, decided to commemorate the “Anaconda” lyricist’s special day. 

Instead of the typical photo collage or creating a video compilation that includes Minaj’s interviews, personal clips, appearances, and music videos, her fans have decided to take turns screaming the lyrics to her songs in the hashtag #BarbieScreams on Twitter Spaces.

Spaces is a live audio feature on Twitter. Social media users can host these conversations in the app and invite others to join in a chatroom called Space. 

Despite the commotion surrounding #BarbieScreams, it is unclear if Minaj ever saw the trending hashtag or what even possessed anybody to participate in it. Later in the day, the mother of one took to her social media account and surprised her followers with two posts. The first post featured three sultry photos, including a full view of Minaj in her birthday suit while sitting on a giant teddy bear. 

Minaj’s other upload was dedicated to her fans. The “Super Bass” emcee expressed how much she loved her Barbz for their outpouring love and support over the years. She wrote, “My fans said I never come online on my bday. I made it my business today to change that this year. Love you guys so much.” 

Have you checked out the hashtag #BarbieScreams what is your take on it? Share your thoughts down below.