What So Not Debuts New Material On Triple J


After sharing his latest single “Divide & Conquer” last month ahead of the release of an EP of the same name, What So Not has unveiled some more new material on Australian radio platform Triple J.

The new ID, dubbed “Trust” by Reddit, contrasts the dirty production values present on “Dive & Conquer” with its dreamy, downtempo sound. The song opens with a spellbinding synth progression and smooth vocals courtesy of an unidentified male singer, before moving into somber future bass drops with forward thinking trap beats and hazy chords.

What So Not works his ethereal production magic on the new ID, delivering a solid futuristic trap romp that stands tall among his other releases. The Divide & Conquer EP drops later in the week, and if the new ID is indeed titled “Trust,” then it will feature as the collection’s sixth track.

Make sure to grab the pre-order here and keep an eye out for the EP’s release on September 9.

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