The Numbers Are In For EDC Las Vegas 2014


The awesomeness that is EDC Las Vegas has now come to an end. It truly was a spectacular event though, featuring some jaw-dropping sets from some of the world’s top DJs. While most people who were in attendance would tell you that the festival was “life-changing” and “unforgettable” this year, unfortunately, a small percent of concert-goers experienced EDC Las Vegas a bit differently, and perhaps didn’t walk away with as positive memories.

The final numbers are now in for the fest, giving us a better idea of how many ejections, arrests, DUIs and hospital transports there were, among other things. Of course, the big elephant in the room is the two deaths that occurred during EDC. The first was 24 year-old Montgomery Tsang, who passed away during the first night of the concert while in attendance. His death, however, was due to a pre-existing medical condition and was not related to drugs or alcohol. The second man who died, 25 year-old Anthony Anaya, passed away at his hotel on the Vegas strip. While he wasn’t at the concert when he died, the media is still linking the incident to the festival. A cause of death has not been determined yet.

In terms of everything else, the numbers aren’t that bad. It’s to be expected that things like ejections and medical calls will happen at a music festival. It’s almost inevitable. When you take into consideration though that each night roughly 134,000 people attended, the numbers are actually extremely low and not at all worrying or concerning.

Check out the full list below to get an idea of just how safe and relatively problem-free the festival was this year. And for those of you still suffering from EDC Las Vegas withdrawal, be sure to re-live your favorite sets by checking them out over on SoundCloud.

Misdemeanor citations – 27
Traffic citations – 8
Misdemeanor arrests – 21
Felony arrests, all narcotics-related – 73
DUI, alcohol arrests – 5
Traffic accidents -12
Medical calls – 794
Transports to hospital – 25
Ejections – 136