ODESZA’s Remix Of Porter Robinson’s Divinity Gives Us Chills


Remixing a Porter Robinson track is no easy task. The young DJ/producer consistently puts out hits that are already flawless on their own, making an intimidating subject for any artist hoping to remix them. However, Washington-based downtempo duo ODESZA have proven themselves capable of such an undertaking with their latest release: a remix of “Divinity.”

Where Robinson’s original from 2014’s Worlds featured elements that almost made it sound like a Glitch Mob track, ODESZA’s remix strips it down to its most primal essence. Echoey effects on the vocals compliment a future bass breakdown that chops and rearranges them, creating an infinitely more dreamlike mindstate for the listener.

It comes as no surprise that ODESZA delivers on the remix – the classically trained musicians play largely improvisational live sets by incorporating Akai APC live controllers into their performances, jamming out each song differently every time they play it. As such, it only stands to reason that their studio skills would prove just as poignant.

Listen to ODESZA‘s remix of Porter Robinson’s “Divinity” above and tell us what you think of the track in the comments section.