Officials Want To Ban EDM At San Manuel Amphitheater Again


Following up on reports of three fatalities at this year’s HARD Summer in Southern California, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors are once again considering a ban on EDM events at the San Manuel Amphitheater. A similar ban had been proposed last year after the deaths of two attendees at HARD Summer 2015.

The proposal to ban EDM events at the county owned venue were rejected after being brought up by supervisor Janice Rutherford in June, but now she’s hoping a colleague will bring a similar propsal to light.

“I obviously don’t think the county should have these events at a county-owned facility anymore. But I can’t bring it up for reconsideration. One of my colleagues will have to bring it up for consideration,” she said in a statement.

It is now believed that James Ramos, chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors will reignite the discussion in September after Nocturnal Wonderland’s stint at the San Manuel Amphitheater.

We won’t know more until then, but for now, tell us, do you think the Board of Supervisors should ban EDM events following the deaths at HARD Summer?

Source: DJ Mag