Oliver Heldens Gives A Da Hool Classic The HI-LO Treatment


Oliver Heldens continues his esteemed HI-LO project with a remix of a ’90s classic sure to appease bass house fans while undoubtedly angering a few purists in the process. He’s put German artist Da Hool’s 1997 hit “Meet Her at the Love Parade” (a reference to the now-defunct German festival Love Parade) through the HI-LO machine, updating the track for modern audiences.

…And what musical element might you guess jumps out immediately from the remix? That’s right, a breakbeat. We’ve mentioned a time or two that the bass house style borrows heavily from the breaks style – which has yet to recover from an inexplicable nose dive in popularity – and the HI-LO remix of “Meet Her At The Love Parade” reinforces the trend. It also features the dubby LFO loop wobbles characteristic of the genre, with some squeaky high notes that almost hint at trap.

Take a minute to listen to Oliver Heldens‘ HI-LO remix of Da Hool’s “Meet Her at the Love Parade” and if you like what you hear, check back for more bass house releases through the future house poster child’s alias.

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