Oliver Heldens Releases “Ooh La La” Under HI-LO Alias


If you thought Oliver Heldens had hung up his HI-LO hat, you were sorely mistaken. The future house superstar may have taken a few months off from releasing songs under his garage/bass house alias to work on some material for his primary brand, but he’s returned with a song titled “Ooh La La” that proves he’s just as dedicated to the project as ever.

After all, “Ooh La La” bears all the hallmarks of the HI-LO sound. A stripped-down arrangement driven more by percussion than melody, the track’s heavily modulated bass line hails back to a bygone era of electronic music that has become vogue once more as the movement’s youngest generation of enthusiasts takes the time to peel back its stylistic layers.

Tracks like these resonate with the emerging less-is-more mentality among music fans, meaning that it might only be a matter of time before we hear more of these elements in mainstream pop music.

Listen to Oliver Heldens‘ latest HI-LO release, “Ooh La La,” above and tell us whether or not you’d like to hear more of the same in the comments section below.