Oliver Heldens And Throttle Team Up On “I’ve Been Waiting”


Who would have thought that future house and nu disco would go together so well?

Future house poster child Oliver Heldens teamed up with self-proclaimed “dirty disco” artist Throttle on a track called “I’ve Been Waiting” that makes us want to hear more artists take a stab at the stylistic synthesis.

For what it’s worth, though, even though Throttle is easily the lesser-known of the two artists, his contributions easily carry the track. A balance between upbeat instrumentals and a crisp rave piano melody set the pace for the arrangement before the organ synth bass line – which has Oliver Heldens all over it – gives a future house tinge to what the Melbourne-based artist put together.

While “I’ve Been Waiting” is most likely a one-off between Oliver Heldens and Throttle, if it sees enough success then perhaps “future disco” will actually be a thing.