Oliver Heldens And Tiësto Release Vocal Remix Of Wombass


Last year, Tiësto and Oliver Heldens collaborated on a little track called “Wombass,” which has already caught over six million plays on SoundCloud. Now, the two superstars have repackaged the track into a chill-inducing vocal remix titled “The Right Song,” which is essentially unchanged, save for the addition of Natalie La Rose’s voice.

Now, I’m not typically a fan of Oliver Heldens’ vocal tracks, opting instead for the simple power of the instrumental version – but this is different.  La Rose performs the perfect accompaniment to this track. With an edge of mischief to her lyrics and playfully dancing over the existing melodies of “Wombass,” “The Right Song” makes the original mix seem rather bland.

The music video is something else entirely, a humorous story of an after-hours janitor party, and we never thought toilet paper bikinis would be a thing, but here we are.

Prep yourself for an off-the-charts shuffle session, and watch the music video above to get an earful of Oliver Heldens’ latest.

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