Oliver Heldens And Tiësto’s Wombass Is Straight-Up Future House


Future house poster child Oliver Heldens has teamed up with trance/progressive house icon Tiësto on “Wombass,” a track that features many unmistakeable hallmarks of the former artist’s discography and few of the latter’s. Both artists have been playing the track out live for many months, but have only just released it on its own to the public.

An unmistakably Oliver Heldens-y melody starts the track off on a catchy note. Interspersed throughout the percussion layer is a breakbeat – which Heldens has been known to incorporate into his songs recently, especially those released under his HiLo alias – and the gravelly bounce of the bass line at the drop gives it an infectiously danceable quality.

So where, pray tell, are Tiësto’s contributions to the track? Did he do the strings section in the bridge? Or maybe he’s responsible for some of the more in-depth sound design fine-tuning? Fans would like to know, because it kind of seems like all he did was slap “Musical Freedom” on the song and call it a day.

Either way, give Oliver Heldens and Tiësto’s “Wombass” a listen above and let us know whether you like or dislike the track in the comments section.