OLWIK Delivers His First Original Track Of 2016


OLWIK spent the better part of last year honing in on his signature sound, but now that he’s accomplished that much he looks to be gunning full speed ahead in 2016. His first release of the year is titled “Finally” – and aptly so, because anybody who’s observed the evolution of his style can attest that the track feels like a destination of sorts.

In true OLWIK fashion, “Finally” is driven just as much by radio-friendly verses (in this case contributed by vocalist Joshua Swerin) as it is by a just-different-enough progressive house arrangement. Resonant plucks and placid atmospheric sound design elements effectively counterbalance the song’s more invigorating peaks, resulting in an anthem that’s almost guaranteed to gain traction as DJs across the world scour the internet for tracks to play during sets at massives.

With any luck, “Finally” will be the first OLWIK release of many. Since the Swedish talent has come into his own as a force to be reckoned with in progressive house, his career trajectory should be a sight to behold as festival season approaches.

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