OLWIK Releases Bootleg Of Halsey’s “New Americana”


Swedish producer OLWIK dropped a new bootleg remix of Halsey’s single “New Americana” this week, providing a fresh house take on the pop singer’s political commentary song. 

OLWIK’s version of “New Americana” opens with melancholy piano chords and pizzicato strings, serving as an organic intro for the track. Contrasting Halsey’s original version, OLWIK ups the pace to bring the song into house territory, adding in upbeat drum loops, progressive synth melodies, and chopped up vocal effects. The producer manages to increase the song’s energy without sacrificing its pop sensibilities, leaving Halsey’s catchy vocals in prominent placement within the mix.

With a runtime of just under three minutes, OLWIK’s remix succeeds at breathing new life into Halsey’s original pop anthem, delivering plenty of rhythm to get the crowds moving on the dancefloor without detracting from the thought provoking lyrical hooks.

With a diverse array of sounds and upbeat vibes, OLWIK’s bootleg of “New Americana” will certainly leave you wanting more.