Olwik’s Waiting For Love Remix Eclipses The Original


Right now the EDM world is running rampant with remixes, reworks, re-edits and other words starting in “re” from Avicii’s new album, Stories – but Olwik‘s remix of “Waiting for Love” makes for stiff competition. This is the first piece of new music we’ve heard from the Swedish DJ/producer in months, and once again, it’s got us wondering why he hasn’t delivered more this festival season.

By providing a unique yet functional reimagining of Avicii’s original, Olwik’s “Waiting for Love” remix highlights what was so underwhelming about the bulk of Avicii’s new album. Where the original sounded like anybody could have been responsible for it, the remix has a distinctly Olwik sound; decidedly progressive house synths plug the holes in an otherwise unorthodox instrumental framework, whose brooding tone benefits from the tasteful incorporation of downtempo elements. Like any memorable music, it sounds like him and not much else.

That said, it’s been nearly a year since Olwik released any originals – and at that, none of them in this style. If you’d like to hear more of what he’s brought to the table for his remix of “Waiting for Love” though, let us know by making a trip down to the comments section.