Get “On The Floor” To The New Defunct! EP


Bass house is all the rage nowadays in the major U.S. dance music markets, so it’s exciting to see an outfit from across the pond offer up a fresh take on the genre. Hailing from the UK and Switzerland, former fidget house duo Defunct! (comprised of Jack Stuart and Slade Templeton, respectively) has offered up a decidedly European take on the style in the form of the On The Floor EP.

Where many of the bass house tracks put out by the likes of Jauz or JVST SAY YES adopt the adrenaline-pumping characteristics of electro house, the new sound of Defunct! incorporates decidedly UK sophistication into the formula. In addition to heavily modulated bass lines, funky percussive elements, soulful vocal samples and club-friendly sound design give each track more of an intelligent groove than what’s being spoon fed to entry level electronic music fans.

After all, Defunct! does boast a longer history than most of the artists leading the bass house charge. Music fans often observe that the genre derives much of its influence from fidget, and as you can see from the duo’s MySpace page, they were decorated purveyors of the style back in 2008.

After seeing them start 2016 off in style with the release of the On The Floor EP, it’s safe to say Defunct! will be an act to watch as the electronic music world starts to gear up for another festival season.

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