Ookay Drops New Five Track Cocoon EP


After paying tribute to the victims of the Pulse Orlando shootings with his music video for “Thief” earlier in the summer, as well as debuting an unreleased Jack Ü remix, Ookay is back with a new five track EP titled Cocoon.

First up is “Long Time,” a downtempo vocal collaboration with buzzing synth chords, slow rolling drums, and somber piano notes layered underneath a smoky vocal delivery. Ookay delivers some unique drops here, suddenly picking up the pace with four by four rhythms, wonky vocal sample melodies and deep bass stabs.

“New Jack Swing” is a unique take on bass house, with minimal synth growl patterns, skittery drum beats, and dark vibes. “Back Again,” meanwhile, lightens things up again with a soulful future bass tune, complete with electronically treated vocals, upbeat trap rhythms, and soaring synth melodies.

“Sure” is another downtempo vocal number, utilizing a plucky string lead layered over mid tempo beats and spacious atmosphere. Finally, “Bring It Back” brings the EP to an effective close with an energetic trap cut with booming sub bass, repeated synth melodies and deep vocal samples.

The Cocoon EP stands as a strong offering from Ookay, featuring plenty of stylistic variation from beginning to end while managing to keep a consistent sound throughout its diverse genre explorations. Ookay is quickly climbing the ranks of the dance music echelons, and his newest effort only cements his status as a producer with a unique sound to his name.