Panic! At The Disco Teasing Something Weird On Social Media


Panic! At The Disco are getting weird, but then again, what else is new? The band sent fans into a whirlwind of confusion and excitement when they began to tease something cryptic over social media, and nobody really has any idea what they’re up to.

It all started yesterday when Panic! Tweeted out “IX XXII – join us,” with a link to their official website. The web page presents you with a sign-up form asking for your e-mail, birthday, and zip code. Are we signing up for a mailing list? A cult? Things got even stranger when Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp got in on the action and Tweeted out a link with an accompanying creepy photo, too. Today, Panic! posted a short video clip of a corn field captioned “I spy, with my lttle eye !” – but no confirmation yet on whether the typo was intentional or not.

Whatever they’re up to, we’ll probably find out soon if those roman numerals mean that all will be revealed on September 22nd. Since Panic! At The Disco only released their latest album, Death of a Bachelor, back in January, chances are that it doesn’t have to do with new music. Maybe a tour or a short film makes more sense? The band are hardly amateurs when it comes to viral marketing, as they had an entire campaign dedicated to the promotion of their 2008 album, Pretty. Odd. – it involved puzzle pieces and clues scattered through the source code of websites, so to say that this time is much less of a headache would be an understatement.

No matter what their stunt results in, Panic! At The Disco definitely made a smart decision to get the Internet talking.

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