You’ll “Get There” With Paris Blohm’s New Track


Every now and then you need an unapologetically feel-good track to help you arrive at your destination. It might not be a piece of music that challenges the status quo, but Paris Blohm‘s “Get There” will give you what you need to get through the day.

A vocal-driven piece of progressive house that puts visions of a festival firework display in your mind as soon as the drop hits, “Get There” features a synth lead euphoric enough to keep you humming it throughout the day. Even though the track’s official release is months before festival season gets going, it’s safe to expect it to become a staple in main stage DJ sets the world over.

Speaking of which, “Get There” by Paris Blohm comes out through Spinnin’ Records on February 26th. Listen to a preview of the track in the SoundCloud player above and let us know what you think by making a trip down to the comments section.

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