Paris & Simo’s Here Tonight Will Make You Long For The Moment


It’s not every day that main stage EDM makes you feel something, but when Paris & Simo are at the helm it happens a lot more often. The Canadian progressive house duo puts out the kind of hoover synth-heavy bangers that have Revealed Recordings written all over them, and their latest track only adds to their repertoire of progressive house anthems.

“Here Tonight” evokes some of the desperate sentiments of pure trance, despite being made up of decidedly contemporary musical components. An electro house rhythm builds up to Paul Aiden’s spirited vocals, which play out for a few measures before a serene synth lead trumpets out above the song’s other elements.

Despite being signed to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, Paris & Simo released “Here Tonight” on Proximity Records, which is the label tied to the famous YouTube channel of its namesake.

Take a minute to listen to the track in full above and then let us know what you think about it by sounding off in the comments section below.