Paul Oakenfold Teams Up With Amba Shepherd And BRKLYN On “U Are”


For his latest single “U Are,” seasoned DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold has teamed up with Australian vocalist Amba Shepherd and duo BRKLYN to craft a soaring pop song that blends acoustic elements against a backdrop of electronic sounds.

“U Are” opens like a straight pop single, lead by the gentle strums of an acoustic guitar and Shepherd’s hushed vocal delivery. Oakenfold and BRKLYN issue a high degree of restraint throughout the song, holding back on the high energy dance elements until after the first chorus before stripping back down to the bare bones instrument driven verses. Songwriting takes the lead over production here, and “U Are” blurs the lines between mainstream pop and beat driven electronic music.

The track will serve as the lead single on Oakenfold‘s long awaited upcoming album Pop Killer, due out later this year. If you dig it, you can purchase the new single here ahead of the album’s release.