Pegboard Nerds Release Title Track From Upcoming EP


It’s been a while since Monstercat exports Pegboard Nerds released more than just a track or two at a time, but according to their website they’ve got a smashing new EP in the works. And, in anticipation of the upcoming effort, they’ve even released its title track, “Pink Clouds.”

Adopting the serene synth melodies of future bass as their style du jours, Pegboard Nerds followed a distinctly more melodic approach with “Pink Clouds.” Vocals that practically sound like the theme song to an ’80s sitcom are underscored by the pad synths characteristic of the genre, and while it’s certainly softer than anything else the duo has put out, the track still showcases their undeniable production expertise.

What’s more, every dollar earned from the Pink Clouds EP as well as its merchandise and other campaign initiatives will go directly to breast cancer research initiative Fuck Cancer. “Together we can all be heroes,” reads a blurb on the duo’s website.

Check out “Pink Clouds” by Pegboard Nerds above and if you like what you hear then stay tuned for the Pink Clouds EP, due October 23rd.