Pierce Fulton Delivers A Landmine With His Newest Track


Returning with another incredibly infectious progressive house track this week is Pierce Fulton. Accompanied by vocals from JHart, “Landmine” is an upbeat, electro-pop tune that’s now available via Armada Music.

According to the producer, the track came about as a result of a 5 hour studio session with JHart, when they were just about to wrap up for the day.

“It was actually an extra idea I wrote with JHart after we had worked on one other song and had about 30 minutes remaining in our session,” Fulton shared.

“I was just playing some chords as we were wrapping up for the day and JHart started singing while we were packing up our bags. We were both like ‘woah this is good,’ wrote the vocals in like 10-15 minutes, and cut it in the remaining 20.”

“So the whole idea was written and recorded in the 30 last minutes of a 5-hour session and I never even finished the first idea we did. It’s just sometimes how it happens, I usually get my best ideas in random short windows.”

“Meritorious melodies thrive and kick drums pounce” throughout the track, as Fulton’s typically catchy production ensures that we’re dancing along to each explosive drop. It’s another great effort from the young producer, and we urge you to check it out.

Give “Landmine” a listen above and if you like what you hear, be sure to support Pierce Fulton and grab a copy on Beatport.

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