Pierce Fulton Drops Awesome Performance Video For “No More”


Pierce Fulton is breaking down genre expectations, dropping a new video this week that sees the producer eschewing the traditional role of DJ in favor of live performance. Designed to promote his recent single “No More,” the short clip shows Fulton in his studio, armed with a guitar, several MIDI controllers, drum pads and more.

The video consists of several different takes, each one featuring a different instrument as Fulton fleshes out the track by cueing up samples on the fly, playing guitar licks and keyboard melodies, and banging out the songs infectious grooves on MIDI drum pads.

DJing has become the de-facto mode of performance utilized by electronic musicians since the EDM boom began a few years ago, and Fulton’s new video does a great job of proving that it is possible for electronic music to be recreated on the fly in a truly live manner. Pierce Fulton brings an element of musicality to the performance that has been lost in an endless sea of DJs, and the resulting video serves as an awesome visual backdrop for his single “No More” while further establishing him as an artist willing to push boundaries.