Pierce Fulton Drops Official Video For “Borrowed Lives”


Pierce Fulton stunned listeners over the summer with the release of his latest EP Borrowed Lives, a four track collection that saw the producer taking on an indie vibe with a more instrument driven sound. Following up on the surreal and quite possibly drug addled “making of” companion video about the EP, Pierce Fulton is back to offer up an official video for the collection’s title track with NVDES.

“Borrowed Lives” gets a playful video featuring Fulton himself, serving as the perfect visual companion for the airy indie-pop tune. After taking some “special” cookies, we see Pierce leave his house to embark on an epic adventure, bringing along a ukulele and his pet fish. He leaves the city and heads out to nature, where he’s suddenly transported into a video game world that sees the producer flying over some trees and lakes.

The concept of the video is pretty random, but the serene natural landscapes and happy go lucky vibe make the whole thing click. Pierce Fulton does a good job with his role in the clip as well, issuing some stoner charm that keeps things from getting dull.