Pierce Fulton Enters Puppet’s World With Boy And The Beast


As much as we’ve enjoyed Pierce Fulton‘s lively, expertly produced brand of progressive house over the months, we can’t exactly say that we mind this particular departure from his signature sound. The Vermont native has collaborated with fellow East Coast DJ/producer Puppet on “Boy and the Beast,” a markedly more dissonant approach than his other work.

“Boy and the Beast” begins with an eerily resonant chime melody that upswells into a glacial progression almost reminiscent of an arrangement by The Glitch Mob. A slow build exudes a dance-floor-be-damned sensibility that you wouldn’t expect from Pierce Fulton, indicating that he more than likely followed Puppet’s lead over the course of their time together in the studio.

However, that’s not to say that Pierce Fulton‘s Puppet collaboration, “Boy and the Beast,” couldn’t spark a more involved digression for the former artist.

Check it out in the player above and as always, feel free to leave your thoughts below.