Pierce Fulton Shows Off His Singing Chops In “False Proof”


It seems like everyone in the electronic music world is reverting to more organic styles in 2016, and Pierce Fulton is no exception. The Vermont-based DJ/producer has demonstrated his capabilities as a singer/songwriter by offering up the rock and roll-tinged “False Proof.”

Even though it’s built around verses that set the tone for the track, “False Proof” is also reinforced by a other instrumental samples as well. As a whole, the track falls less into the category of electronic music than just about anything else that Fulton has put out – although that’s not a strike against it by any means.

Alarmingly, Pierce Fulton was inspired to finish the track when a rope swing injury during a trip through Whistler, British Columbia resulted in multiple fractured ribs and a punctured lung.

“Seeing as though it’s gonna take a few weeks to get my singing voice back, I wanted to show you how it sounded before my accident,” said Fulton. False Proof is something I wrote and recorded in a few hours one day as an exercise while writing my upcoming EP. It was so fun to write because the song is made up of only my voice, my guitar, my bass guitar and some drum samples. Raw and simple.

Pierce Fulton purports that he is making a speedy recovery, which should put the DJ/producer/singer/songwriter well on his way to completing his upcoming EP in the coming months.