Pierce Fulton Talks Borrowed Lives In Candid Interview


Pierce Fulton recently unveiled a new interview, taking the opportunity to discuss his four track EP Borrowed Lives,which was released earlier in the year. The work saw Fulton switching things up as he wrote and sang his own lyrics, in addition to providing instrumental and production work.

During the interview, Fulton discusses the creative process that led to the release of Borrowed Lives, touching on the new musical direction that he views as a return to form, as well as talking about his recent rope swing accident from earlier in the year. He talks extensively about the decision to return to instrument based music, which serves as an interesting insight into his growth as an artist.

Throughout the interview, which Pierce Fulton describes as his weirdest yet, the multi-talented producer punctuates his talking points with a series of strange on screen antics involving multiple instances of himself populating his home. While there’s plenty of new information for fans to obsess over, the video keeps things interesting as he bakes cookies, introduces his fish, and details the creation of his latest EP with cheap animations before the whole thing devolves into surreal, seemingly drug induced hallucinations.

Suffice to say, it’s definitely worth the watch.